Help Videos

If you like your humor with a side of corn (and spam), these short tutorial videos (most are under 2 minutes) will both educate and amuse. Learn about all of our features and gain mastery of email marketing through our video library.

Common Functions

Need to know how to email a newsletter or clean your list of inactive subscribers? Check here for the email marketing wisdom our customers most commonly seek from our gurus of the email.


What the heck is a snippet?! Everything you need to know about building, sending, importing and yes, snippets for your email. The "Newsletters" menu items in your MNB account are all covered here.


How do you get more email marketing subscribers, and what is all this I hear about "segmenting your list?" If you see it under the "Subscribers" menu in your MyNewsletterBuilder account, the answers are in this section.


What in Sam-hill is a bounce and why are there so many of them? I see clicks and opens and subscribes and all these other email marketing stats. What does it all mean? Find all there is to know about reports in this section.


Branding, forwards, and auto-responders, oh my! What do these wonderful functions do for your email marketing? Wouldn't you like to know...


How do I upgrade and what are these fancy enterprise accounts I keep hearing about? From quota to passwords, this is the place for your self-help account information.

Can't Find The Answer You're Looking For?

If you're still confused, please visit the FAQ page and Glossary for more self-help. If you just want us to help you personally, please contact us by phone, live chat, or email.